Our Story

Euphoria’s designers have incorporated a rich European family history into the latest cutting-edge designs. Our designs are emblematic of both the old and the new. Our jewellery is manufactured to the highest standards and is designed to be timeless; we hope that every piece we create will become a family heirloom.

Our Materials

Euphoria has one of the most impressive and comprehensive collections of rare, exotic coloured gemstones in Australia. We are confident that we have a special piece for every customer. Our gemstones are all cut to perfection in Idar Oberstein, Germany, while our handpicked diamonds are cut, polished and graded in Antwerp, Belgium with GIA Certification. We use only the highest quality precious alloys. These include 18 carat white, yellow, rose gold, green, orange and red gold (SHAPES?). We also design and manufacture in Palladium and are especially proud to specialise in Platinum. Other modern materials used include Titanium, Tunesten, Carbon Fiber and Zirconium.