Marquise Tanzanite and diamond ring R0041

Handcrafted in 18ct white gold rare blue marquise Tanzanite and diamond ring.

The intense blue colour of Tanzanite is like no other blue.

This exquisite Tanzanite and diamond ring is sure to impress and makes a beautiful gift option that is sure to show how much you care.

Tanzanite is a birthstone for December and is also the gem for a 24th anniversary.

Gents ring in sterling silver W0091

Ceramic center line gents ring in sterling silver.

Classic 18ct gents half wedding band W0099

Classic 18ct white gold gents half wedder.

Ladies 18ct two tone diamond wedding band R0100

18ct two tone collection quality diamond wedding band.

Solid 18ct two tone crucifix pendant

18ct two tone crucifix pendant.

18ct white gold orthodox diamond pendant C0002

18ct white gold collection quality orthodox diamond pendant.

18ct white gold diamond cross pendant C0007

18ct white gold brilliant cut diamond cross pendant.

18ct brilliant cut diamond cross pendant C0008

Stunning 18ct white gold collection quality diamond cross pendant.