Euphoria Jewels has a fully equipped onsite workshop. It is manned with the most accomplished jewellers available in Perth with more than a lifetime of experience between them.

And did you know that all of the materials we use are ethically sourced? Our pieces are handcrafted and manufactured to perfection at our Leederville studio.

Also, our experienced jewellers and designers are always available to assist and advise customers.Therefore we are confident we can satisfy all of our customers needs. We are proud of the quality of the jewellery manufactured in our workshop and can guarantee the workmanship for life.

Why is handmade superior?

The majority of the jewellery available today in the general market place is mass produced. It lacks the finish of a handmade piece and is usually made with materials in many cases sourced from unethical miners. These jewellery manufacturers take advantage of underprivileged workers which include the abuse of women and child laborers. Also, the materials which they use are inferior to ours. Hence the metals they use do not comply with Australian and European standards. They commonly use very low quality gemstones and low quality alloys. All of these facts are reasons why our jewellery compared to the mass produced are miles apart.

Why are we different?

The Euphoria Jewels difference shines brightly as we take time and extra care when designing and hand making a piece of jewellery. We only use ethically sourced materials of the highest quality available on earth. Furthermore, our gemstones are very rare and in many cases irreplaceable and unavailable to other jewellers. Your common piece of jewellery available at other stores is manufactured with cost effectiveness in mind only.

The value of our time

Mass producers do not have the longevity in mind of the pieces of jewellery they make factored in at time of production. At Euphoria Jewels we take time to design every piece to include strength and durability. And at the same time making sure the final product includes maximum beauty. There is an extra beauty to handmade jewellery not evident on a mass produced piece or cad cast piece. And certainly, the finish, including the surface polish and the density of the metal becomes obvious to the touch.  Hence a handmade piece will always feel nicer in your hand and have more substance to it, ie. will have more weight to the piece.

workshop snapshot -hand making a rose gold blue sapphire and diamond  ring

No mass production involved

Handmade pieces are often one-offs and unique. Have you ever been out to a function and have been embarrassed when you saw the same dress you were wearing on someone else?

This similar situation with your piece of jewellery can occur when your engagement ring for example has been bought at a run of the mill type jewellery store which does not handmake. As many as 95% of jewellery stores in Australia buy their stock from mass producers from China and India etc. On the other hand, a handmade piece of jewellery manufactured in our workshop is the best as it will never look exactly the same as a similar or same design ring made elsewhere. As we design all of our rings, you can be self assured the piece of jewellery you will buy in our store will be an original one.

workshop snapshot -forging the metalmaking the ringmaking the ringmaking the ring

Your piece of jewellery will be custom designed just for you to be unique with your specific requirements in mind.

making the ringready to be put together

Hence our promise to you as a valued customer is that we will deliver to you a beautiful design. Well made and different to the standard jewellery available elsewhere.

end result- rose gold Sapphire and diamond ring

The completed piece.

We have a same day service for the following :

  • Rhodium plating
  • Repairs
  • Resizing
  • Polishing and cleaning
  • Watch /batteries

Other services available :

  • Alterations
  • Re-modelling
  • Full design service
  • Refinishing
  • Complete watch making services and repairs